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Fleming Estate Law is an estate litigation and mediation firm serving clients in Kingston and throughout eastern Ontario. We focus exclusively on estate matters and we are committed to helping you manage and resolve conflict involving wills, trusts, powers of attorney, dependants support relief, guardianships and passing of accounts. Our firm is a proven local leader in providing estate litigation advice to estate trustees, executors, beneficiaries, family members and trust companies. The firm is recognized for providing clients with dedicated and effective advocacy. If you are in need of any assistance with estate law issues in Ontario, including Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, Belleville, Perth, Napanee and Trenton, please contact us now to discuss your specific legal needs.

Resolving Power Of Attorney & Guardianship Conflicts, Will Disputes, Dependants Support Claims And Passing of Accounts

Fleming Estate Law offers clients an effective way to resolve disputes related to all estate issues. When conflicts arise, sometimes it can seem that litigation is the only option for resolving a dispute. At Fleming Estate Law, we work smartly and creatively to find solutions that will avoid lengthy legal conflicts if at all possible. The sooner a resolution can be reached that satisfies the needs of our client, the more economical the process. However, we are also resolute in the pursuit of the outcomes our clients seek. If advancing your case in court proceedings is necessary then we will pursue a successful case to the utmost of our ability.

Representing Beneficiaries Of Estates, Estate Trustees (Executors) And Family Members

Estate litigation can involve a number of different parties with opposing interests. Fleming Estate Law is familiar with all aspects of estate law in Ontario and has represented a wide variety of clients from all walks of life. Whether it is a dispute over a will, a claim for dependants support, power of attorney conflicts, disagreements concerning complex trust arrangements or contested and uncontested guardianships, we can help you. Fleming Estate Law has experience working on legal conflicts of all shapes and sizes.

Our firm is careful to understand the unique position each client is in and we work diligently to develop trust and to solve problems effectively, discreetly and economically.

A Reputation Clients Can Trust

Fleming Estate Law has built an excellent reputation in eastern Ontario by providing prompt and personal attention. Equally important, the firm offers excellent value by delivering custom solutions that cater to the needs of each individual or organization we work with. No client of ours is ever left feeling like the firm is not interested in his or her case. We take the needs of our clients seriously, and are constantly striving to generate the results they seek.

Our law firm maintains the highest moral and ethical standards of the legal profession. This is at the core of all that we do on your behalf. Each step we take is informed by experience and sound judgement focused on the success and best interests of the clients we serve.

We take seriously our obligations as officers of the court and members of the Bar. While we represent our clients interests first and foremost, we also strive for civility in all of our dealings with other counsel and their clients. We value our reputation as advocates whom courts and opposing counsel can trust. We believe that this approach to practice assists us in achieving the best results for our clients.

Much of our work is referred to us from other lawyers. We respect referrals from other law firms. We appreciate that our colleagues place their trust in us to deal with matters important to their clients. We recognize that other lawyers refer clients to us for a specific reason, whether because of a conflict or for our expertise in the subject-matter of the case referred to us.

Providing Ongoing Communication And Encouraging Your Involvement

At Fleming Estate Law, we believe that clients are most satisfied when they are part of the process. We maintain regular, open communication about your case as it progresses. While we are working hard on your behalf, we are also checking in regularly to verify that you area aware of the situation as it progresses and that you have the opportunity to assist us in making decisions. Inevitably, the ultimate decision of whether to proceed to court or to enter a negotiated resolution is up to you.

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Fleming Estate Law can assist you with a variety of estate law disputes, including will challenges, estate accounting and accountability, mental capacity issues, elder abuse, guardianship and more. Our services are tailored to your specific requirements, and are designed to be as efficient as possible while still achieving the outcome you desire. Serving clients across eastern Ontario, including Kingston, Brockville, Belleville, Perth and Trenton, Fleming Estate Law is ready to assist you with solving any estate problem that you have encountered.

If you would like to learn more about our estate litigation services, or if you would like to schedule a consultation for your specific issue, please contact us now.