Child Rights Toolkit Launched – Children and Estates

The CBA took advantage of a conference dedicated to children’s access to justice earlier this month to launch its Child Rights Toolkit and this has implications for children involved in estate matters.

The launch took place at a May 11 session of the Access to Justice for Children – Child Rights in Action Conference in Vancouver that was broadcast live.

The culmination of three years of work – more than 30 professionals across the country were directly involved in its development, and many others participated indirectly – the kit is an educational and practice tool meant to help lawyers and others advocate more effectively for children.

Funded by the Law for the Future Fund, the toolkit was developed by the Subcommittee on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child of the CBA’s National Children’s law Committee, inspired by a lack of consistent, effective advocacy for children.

In fact, Canada ranks 17th out of 29 rich countries for children’s well-being, UNICEF said in 2016.

Despite the fact that the best interests of the child are always top-of-mind particularly in family law, children have broad legal rights that are often unknown or ignored by legal and other professionals. Violations of those rights are often unidentified and hence not remedied.  Thankfully, in all matters involving estates and children in Ontario we have the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, who plays a major role in safeguarding the rights of children and their interests in various forms of assets and property.

This toolkit, meant to be a user-friendly resource for legal professionals and the general public, is now available online.