Fees & Billing Practices


In Ontario, Lawyer’s fees are generally determined by the time spent working on the client’s behalf, complexity of the case and the result achieved on the client’s behalf. The particular terms of our billing agreement, including standard rates we charge for time, are outlined in the retainer agreement provided to new clients at the outset of their case.

Estate problems come with a diverse range of characteristics and so do our clients.  A person comes to us with a unique set of life experiences and financial considerations.  Depending on the nature of the legal problem, we can custom make our fee arrangements to suit individual circumstances. Beyond the traditional hourly rates alternative fee arrangements may be possible for you.  These include flat fees for defined service, deferred payments based upon hourly rates and contingent fees based upon the success of your case.

Generally, we render accounts monthly, detailing all fees charged and disbursements incurred while acting on your behalf.